Portuguese ROOTS Chair
The design it self is built upon simple lines that surround us with few interruptions , but to be able to make it real in terms of construction, we had to make an alliance with mother nature and a pact with the craftsman’s mastery
Although it is a complex chair in the execution, in reality its design is very simple, composed by two continuous lines of thought, connected by the back , that bring to life this unique armchair . By building it with nobel woods and natural oils , this piece of art embraces an healthy concern about the environment as well . It may also came with Upholstery in Natural Cork Fabric made by hand .
Sparked by tales and stories from the 50’s , the Portuguese Roots chair is a mix of magnificent influence from childhood, that over time , end up transforming and shaping the original design idea like a good old wine . With the help of tradition knowhow and Sate of the art technology, we transform this dream into a reality .

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