The craftsmanship of TEAM 7 and their technical skills with wood are clearly exemplified by the new mylon chair: a classically pure wooden chair with fluent, uninterrupted lines. Its robust 32 mm thick seat is ergonomically designed, with three-dimensional curves that are sculpted with great precision, and a similarly solid, 20 mm thick backrest enhances the seating comfort still further. To achieve the perfect curve, the wood is allowed to rest for three to four weeks after bending, before the final shaping is completed. The raised backrest wraps perfectly around the body and is jointed onto the uprights, which are continuations of the back legs, forming a seamlessly integrated, solid armrest. The new mylon chair by TEAM 7 was designed by Jacob Strobel, and is available in pure wood or with the seat upholstered in fabric or leather.

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