Mishell is a large family of seats for uses both at home and in the office, designed for Noti by Piotr Kuchcinski. The characteristic bucket shape is repeatable in armchairs, chairs and hockers thanks to applying one form of plywood cut out to different dimensions. The possibility of matching a suitable type of metal legs and supports ensures a rich selection of seats depending on customers’ needs.
In the family there are:
– armchairs on skids, legs, cross, revolving plate or plate optionally upholstered with leather;
– rest armchair XL – with the high bolster on rotary plate
– chairs – on skids and cross;
– hockers – on skids and plate.
The collection is complemented with small tables with tops of varnished or naturally veneered MDF, set on supports matching the seats.
The strongly profiled bucket shape providing high seating comfort, its elegant form and carefully prepared details are features, which make the furniture stand out in the market.

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