Our aim was to create a contract armchair with as central design themes ‘lightness’, ‘smoothness’ and ‘nature’. Ava’s light design preserves the transparency of a space and makes her easy to lift. Her smoothly polished curves and angles invite a gentle touch, while her solid oak frame and all-natural upholstery bring a sense of nature into any room.

Even though Ava is designed for serial production, she conveys the quality of handcrafted carpentry. Unique in Ava’s construction, is the two-point connection between her arm/backrest and legs. They result into the chair’s characteristic A-shaped stance – providing firmness and beaming elegance. Ava’s curved backrest is carefully bended from several thin layers of 1st class solid oak. Together, the layers provide double the strength as their solid form would – making it possible to craft Ava’s backrest as thin as it is today, and sparing Mother Nature.

Her 3D shaped, upholstered seat is thinned out, to give it an airy look and feel. It is available in a combination of wool (70%) and flax (30%), or leather, in carefully selected colours that compliment Ava’s solid oak frame.

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