roviva activa – the perfect balance of Nature, technology and health.
System frames made from natural beech wood (FSC-certified) equipped with dynamically supportive spring elements consisting of coil springs and resilient bends made from Hytrel plastic: highly-flexible, self-regulating and absolutely fatigue-free as well as featuring a high spring deflection.
The new Swiss Balance Support technology (patent pending) used in the area of the back functions according to the scales principle. Movement downwards generates a counter-movement upwards, until a balance is reached. By lowering the shoulders and the pelvis, the spring elements of the roviva activa balance system frame are steered downwards, whilst at the same time the spring elements in the lumbar area extend. This results in the perfect balancing of the body and an optimum pressure distribution. The interactive Swiss Balance Support system reacts dynamically every time you change position, guaranteeing the correct lying position whether you are on your side, back or stomach. This uncompromising adaptation to the body functions independently on each side of the bed.

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