The innovative muun mattress is made in Germany and features a flippable topper from the finest foams and can be formatted to your individual preference. By rotating the upper or core internal elements, muun provides four different density combinations and thus comfort solutions in one single product. The used memory foam moulds to the warmth of your body while the resilient talalay latex layer still gives you some bounce. The mattress was developed to adapt to individual preference, even when two people share a bed. Best-in-class materials are used, excluding toxic chemicals or retardants, paired with playful details like a secret pocket to keepsake your journal, secret play toys or lucky charms. The design embraces the concept and creates a characteristic lifestyle product of comfort in a primal needs market which is often overlooked. No need to make a tough decision between your back and your wallet. All modules are required for each mattress therefore low stock requirements paired with identical packaging reduce the overall costs. Muun’s dream of providing you with an exceptional resting experience has become yours to sleep on, nothing else really mattress!

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