Technology + design + comfort
LincolnKelly beds

Today, options to integrate technology into design pieces are allowing furniture designers to build and create as never before. This is the inspiration behind the new line of Lincolnkelly beds with lighting and audio.

Imagine. The days of having separate lamps on bedside tables begin to disappear. Lighting begins to be an integral part of furnishings, remotely controlled by your smart phone, the most revolutionary innovation in the last decade. That’s what you’ll find today in a Lincolnkelly bed. You can remotely control the LED lights – dimming them to your desired level.

What’s left to add to the perfect bed experience? Music. Thanks again to the mobile smart phone and bluetooth technology, audio can be powered up and played through the speakers in a Lincolnkelly bed. Now you can play your mp3 files on your phone, or tune in to Pandora, Spotify, or whatever music service you prefer, and play it through the speakers in a Lincolnkelly bed.

In our fast-paced world – filled with demands and stress – a Lincolnkelly bed is a little oasis of peace.

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