The minimalist design of the Hansaliege makes it stand out.
The three sprung bed slats are positioned on the longitudinal side rails. Each slat has been cut into four elliptical-shaped sections to allow for ventilation of the mattress and to add to the light and elegant appearance of the surface. All corners are discreetly rounded and any edges which can be recognised on the luxury wood layers are a refreshing shade of white, contrasting to the discreet grey of the surface. The bed’s frame has longitudinal side rails and four straight legs. Even though it doesn’t have much material, it is stable and secure and it instils trust in the product. It also provides a contrast to the springy surface. The Hansaliege is marketed as a complete unit and we have no doubt that it can be assembled or taken apart in less than ten minutes without the use of tools. Its compact packaging (990x740x80 mm) makes it ideal for mail order and internet selling. The Hansaliege is a new and straightforward product; its classic, minimalist design will suit any furniture style.

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