You know those knitted, multi-coloured sneakers that have become so popular over the last few years? IKEA had an idea to use that same material for furniture, and after a long and technical process, the IKEA PS chair was created.

There are many advantages of using the same 3D knitting technique as the one used for sneakers. For starters, the chair has a lightweight feel because of its clever construction and its see-through, knitted weave. This makes a great difference as more people are now living in small spaces and in urban areas. Many chairs can feel like they take over a room, but the PS chair floats lightly between rooms and blends in everywhere, offering generous and comfortable seating with a tactile feel.

Like most IKEA furniture, the PS chair is knock-down, which also has its environmental advantages as we’re able to fit more onto each pallet and avoid shipping big, assembled pieces around the world. The customer then does the last, simple part – assembling the metal frame, pushing the seat down to create tension in the knit, and clicking everything into place. Done. Enjoy.

Designer Sarah Fager

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