VENN CUTTING EDGE With VENN, the designers Serge & Robert Cornelissen are taking the approach of the BEBOW collection to a whole new level. What this means for you is that three in one equals more. Or to put it more precisely: as much as you want. VENN represents design that not only catches people’s attention, but is also functional. Multifunctional. The luminaire consists of three interconnected square elements, two of which feature a frame-like shape and the third a flat design. It is available in models that provide either indirect lighting or direct/indirect lighting. The form and look are very graphical, but also sculptural. But the best thing about VENN is that several lamps can be combined with one another: placed next to each other or overlapping, mounted on the wall or ceiling or in a suspended configuration. How exactly you use them and how many you use is entirely up to you.

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