The Spencer lamp can be mounted both as a ceiling lamp and as a wall lamp. – the Spencer lamp is an original and elegant light fixture that will turn that dark corner of a room into the perfect spot for reading, dining or working. You to create the perfect mood and atmosphere in a hall way, above a sofa, over your desk, a kitchen counter or as a bedside lamp.

The ball joint system allows the Spencer to be orientated exactly where needed. The lamp comes with a“tightening system” both on the base mount, the middel-joint and at shade side, that easily allows you to either loosen or tighten the ball joints (with a standard HEX key).

It is available with either “gold” or metal anodized joints.

Spencer is delivered with a “loose” black textile wire with a click switch for a wall plug, if you are not able to connect directly to electrical fixture in wall or ceiling.

Spencer is made of aluminium and CE-certified.

Designed By Sune Jehrbo

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