"Giada 200" is a lamp wall for the new light sources of LED C. O. B., with an innovative design, oriented to contain to the maximum dimensions of the product, while ensuring the dissipation of heat.
The concept comes from the idea of a sheet that is folded to accommodate, above and below, two sources of LED screens, which take form from the body of the product itself; its three-dimensional shape gently accommodates the transformer inside.
The aluminum pressure die casting technique emphasizes the bi-dimensionality of the folded sheet through a refined edge detail that, very thin, underlines the ends of the object. It also allows the creation of several variable and precise drilled holes on its surface, which are able to filter and reverberate the color of the wall behind it.
The ability to insert one or two LEDs allows the object to be rotated; its the same shape as the profile’s half-moon: it can turn by 12° from the vertical plane, so to orient and adequately shield the light beam emitted from the sources. Individual switches for the two sources, as well as a dimmable version for a more precise, ad-hoc adjustment of the light beam ensure further flexibility.

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