The biggest Walther Pro flashlight would make a fine spotlight in a theater, or you could use it when shooting a film. Its 7 (seven!) high-power LEDs from Cree generate an intense beam of 2200 lumens that illuminates every nook and cranny, even at long distances. What’s more, it will burn for at least 3½ hours (all figures based on the ANSI standard). The amazingly handy XL7000r is powered by a battery pack consisting of two rechargeable batteries, which come with an easy-to-use charger. Four blue LEDs show the charge level of this super-flashlight. The two lower power levels of 40 and 10 percent are sufficient for many applications, and the switching sequence is reprogrammable. The stroboscopic TDS self-defense mode can be activated directly from any switching state (by pressing the switch for more than 0.5 seconds), even when the flashlight is off. The patent-pending Bean Adjustment System allows you to narrow the beam with a single hand or spread it for work at close range. Measuring a short 31 cm and weighing 860 grams, the flashlight comes with a practical carrying strap and in a rugged plastic case.

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