The SDL 800 was designed for exceptional jobs. Walther developed this reliable flashlight in cooperation with public authorities in order to meet their special requirements. For example, it can easily be operated with gloves without compromising the special features. Two easy-to-use buttons are supplied for activating different functions. The first, at the bottom, unleashes the full power of 800 lumens, and when held down longer it switches to dazzling strobe mode. The second button can be pressed repeatedly to shift from 100 percent to 10 percent output, and it controls the UV LED (with wavelengths of 395, 385 and 365 nm), which is primarily used for checking ID papers and identifying liquids. A multi-battery system gives plenty of endurance and allows the use of several different battery types.
The body is made of black aircraft aluminum, and the striking design emphasizes functionality: eyelets for the lanyard, a non-slip surface and anti-roll protection.

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