The rechargeable WALTHER PRO PL70r flashlight produces an ultrabright 910-lumen beam with the supplied lithium-ion battery. Thanks to the Multi Battery System, you can also use three low-cost AAA batteries, three AAA rechargeables or two powerful CR123 batteries, and with the latter you can get a full 935 lumens. All output values were determined according to the strict ANSI FL1 standard. The patent-pending Beam Adjustment System, consisting of a lens and reflector, allows increment-free focusing of the beam with one hand. It has three output settings (100/40/10 percent) and can switch with a single click to Tactical Defense Strobe mode for warding off potential attackers. The mode sequence is reprogrammable. For example, you can start with 10 percent for reading maps or checking ID papers, then switch up to 40 and 100 percent. Alternatively, you can use only the highest or only the lowest brightness level. The PL70r comes with all the accessories you need for charging it at home or in your car, including a charging cradle (connectable to the charger or to a USB port) and a car adapter (for 12 V car and 24 V truck power systems). It all comes in a stylish, reusable acrylic box.

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