This head light has been completely redesigned so that there is no battery compartment behind the head. This eliminates the need for cables, which can crack at low temperatures even when of excellent quality. The headband passes over one’s head to compensate for the lack of a balancing weight and has a light, pleasant feel. The HL11 LED head light emits an impressive 205 lumens for a period of four hours and offers a wide range of functions without sacrificing ease of operation. It can be focused with one hand and provides a wide field of vision for activities like jogging. The cloth straps with a reflecting rear surface can be removed for washing. The tipping mechanism, which rotates in steps by 90 degrees, can be removed and set on a table to provide a practical light source. Thanks to its Multi Battery System (MBS), the HL11 can use a variety of size AAA regular batteries and rechargeable batteries. With its three output settings of 100, 40 and 10 percent plus a Tactical Defense Strobe, this 150-gram flashlight is a full-fledged member of the Walther Pro family.

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