Available in multiple premium colors, the NITECORE TINI is built to be the smallest, most powerful keychain light available.

Bright output: Utilizing a CREE XP-G2 S3 LED, the TINI produces 380 lumens with four brightness levels that allow you reach up to 64m, which completely outshines common small/medium sized lights sold on the market.

Incredibly lightweight and durable: Constructed from aero-grade aluminum, it is resistant to dust, water and impact, and weighs only 13.4g with built-in battery! The rear key ring is capable of holding up to 30kg!

Convenient: A built-in Li-ion battery provides runtime as long as 60 hours and over 365 day standby duration. Users may refill the light via the onboard USB port with power banks, pc or the USB outlets.

Easy to operate: Single-handed operation with dual switch design. Separate on/off and mode buttons. Delayed switch prevents accidental activation.

Excellent heat dissipation: The built-in Advanced Temperature Regulation module and the FPC heat dissipating system ensures heat generated by the working LED be distributed effectively.

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