There has been a high demanding need of a multi-source lighting product from the hunting sectors that complain about carrying 2 different flashlights on their adventure. To achive this, the existing products are either by replacing the lamp unit or matchting multiple leds with multiple reflectors, which inevitably lead to relatively large volume and low luminous efficiency. For that, NEXTORCH has finally come out an answer to combine 2 lights into 1 by utilizing a single reflector for 2 LED emitters. Featuring NEXTORCH patented Dual-Light technology, the P5G offers the best performance for hunting by a simple twist of the head to move the desired emitter into function. It is rechargeable, simple to operate and in proper size, and at max 780 lumens white light and 170 lumens green light output on a single 18650 battery. It runs with either one 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery or two CR123A batteries, with easy selection of modes via DUO SWITCH. The P5G also features a well covered low-profile USB direct charing port that placed in the tail and can tail stand as a candle light. The hiden stobe and a S.O.S. also extend P5G for more lighting applications.

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