The MH27 is from Nitecore’s Multitask Hybrid series whose most significant feature, besides their all-purpose applications, is their variety of power solutions. A USB charging port is designed with a micro-USB charging port to supply endless power in various scenarios. The crenelated bezel at the MH27’s head and the tactical ring round its waist represent the elements a tactical flashlight distinguishes itself by. With the independent red, green and blue LEDs surrounding its Cree XP-L HI V3 LED, the MH27 claims its dominance in every nighttime task including hunting, search and combat. If you look inside the MH27’s body you will find it has springs on both positive and negative ends to provide the perfect shock buffering for shooting activities. Its front facing tailcap switch, an easily operated, fast responding switch to momentarily turn its light on/off, is another design to challenge the extreme tactical demands. The MH27 is built from aerospace grade aluminum alloy with military class HAIII hard anodizing. Together with Nitecore’s accessories, the MH27 is literally an all-mighty weapon.

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