Innovative inventions, like the newly rechargeable battery technology, enable the overwhelming light power of this rechargeable, performance-optimized lamp. This new technology, on the basis of lithium-ion-phosphate (Safety Ytrion Cell), is more durable and safer than regular rechargeable batteries. Due to electronically controlled rechargeable battery technology the lighting power is very consistent. The newly calculated reflector lens optimizes the light distribution of the new Xtreme Power LEDs. The result being a homogenously distributed lit area in the defocussed setting and an optimized spot beam in the focused setting.
The new switch mechanism of the Fast Action Switch allows for a fast change between the light programs and includes an integrated turn-on safety.
A special feature of the M17R is its emergency light function – if the lamp is in the charging station, it will turn on automatically if the power supply is cut off. A transportation safety permits its use in vehicles as well.

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