– Rechargeable flashlight with comfortable magnet USB charger.
– Multi-flashlight “10 in 1″ has magnet in the tailcap for attaching to any steel surfaces, removable stainless steel clip, easy-to-attach headmount and possibility of tail-stand for many activities: outdoor, fishing, bike, work etc.
– Solid body without long wires, weak rubber connectors and unnecessary boxes.
– Side switch for comfortable one-hand operation and easy modes switching with advanced operation.
– Special matt hard anodization (type III) of aerospace aluminum for ergonomic usage.
– Tempered glass with anti-reflective coating on both sides.
– Efficient TIR-optics and no “tunnel vision” effect after continuous use.
– Total protection from water, dirt and dust penetration – flashlight continues to work even at the depth of 10 meters.
– Multicolor State Indication and ultra low current drain in OFF-state for 25 years. It also can be helpful to find the flashlight in the dark.
– Active real-time temperature control and warning indication of low battery level.
– Optional bikemount and helmetmount for ergonomic using.

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