GIOCO is a filigree LED luminaire, based on the geometry of the Golden Ratio.
Whether as a rectangle or a square, as an individual light or in a combination of up to five different sizes, GIOCO offers a high degree of flexibility and creative scope for a large variety of applications. It is a typical SATTLER luminaire, with clear lines, convincing transitions along the edges and high quality workmanship.
Optional with direct or indirect light output and a colour rendering index bigger than 90 for different colour temperatures.
The optional ACOUSTIC SET with a highly effective sound absorber can be added to existing GIOCO luminaires at any time and thus ensures a noticeable reduction of reverberation and a corresponding improvement of the overall room acoustics.
Particular attention is paid to the quality of surface finishes: silver and black anodised or accentuated in warmer tones, such as champagne gold or bronze. An elegant brush finish gives the luminaires their unique appeal and attraction.

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