The suspension luminaire CHIARA caters to the desire of many architects to integrate pure light into architecture instead of highly visible lamps. To reach this goal, CHIARA’s design focuses on the greatest possible formal reduction. Thanks to its delicate luminaire profile with lateral light integration and the fact that the power is supplied through the suspension cable, CHIARA looks extremely lightweight, in fact seems to be floating. When switched off, the semi-transparent conical microstructured prism sheet only allows a hazy view. The electricity is supplied directly through the unobtrusive steel suspension cable, doing away with the need for a troublesome power cord. To ensure the design of the luminaire body is as restrained as possible, all the electronics were integrated in the baldachin. With the help of an optional accessory set, the electronics can also be integrated in a suspended ceiling, thus reducing the visual appearance to an absolute minimum. An attractive cover plate with a magnetic mount covers the ceiling section and facilitates simple assembly.

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