The Vinci LED Spotlights is designed for professional retail lighting demanding high power output. The characteristic and unique design of the heat sink is created for modern needs and preferences for a flexible solution. Vinci was designed with the characteristics of LED and its heat distribution in mind and with the future in focus. Vinci’s form factor is traditional and functional, yet innovative. A symmetrical electronic housing with two arms holds the cylindrical reflector with its integrated heat sink. All created with subtle surfaces, hidden cables and distinct geometries that characterize a typical Lystra product.

The design has allowed us to keep the sides and the most visible bottom area solid and smoothly round in order to achieve the design expression of a cylinder and the sense of simplicity, free from visual clutter and a strong reference to a classic stage light. Vinci’s design joins together aesthetics and functionality, where the art of engineering meets a feel for form and proportion. Vinci is subtle in its use of basic form elements, but is bold in its execution and attention to detail.

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