It is designed with a total optic flexibility serving 2 main lighting applications with just a click: Wallgrazing & General lighting. This conversion converts the illumination of vertical surfaces to an illumination of horizontal surfaces & vice versa however it does not require changing lenses or getting critically too close to the LEDs. Not only the lighting distribution changes but also the look of the fixture itself.
Grazing Baffles: Scallop-free lighting from 0 start point of vertical surfaces. Glare-free in both longitudinal & transversal sides, transversal shielding angle 76° UGR<13, longitudinal shielding angle 45° UGR <16. Uniform illumination for walls from 2.7 m to 4 m high with a ratio U0> 0.15.
Symmetrical Baffles: General illumination of spaces, delivering a powerful & uniform lighting performance ideal for hallways, high ceiling & any other environment that needs a combined high illumination levels (around 1,100 lux at 3m height). Excellent glare control. Longitudinal and transversal cutoff of 45°: UGR <10 ideal for offices and residential spaces. Diverse options of beam angles. This highly technical fixture embodies a decorative look that fits in any design.

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