STREAM is different. Architecture, Space and Light become one. Light takes effect without any material and limit.

STREAM creates ceiling light without a ceiling luminaire. The high quality body of the luminaire is the light source but is not the centre of the light perception. The ceiling itself is the space of reflection where diffuse light can develop and create a special atmosphere.

STREAM succeeds to create enough light intensity using only indirect light thanks to its specific reflector technology creating a narrow light cone and fulfils all normative requirements of office lighting when it comes to reduced glare. The different models makes STREAM a very flexible lighting solution allowing installation on top of a table or simply on the floor. The puristic shape of the luminaire’s body made from high-quality aluminium allows a discrete integration in different spaces. Open plan, individual office or simply wherever light is missing, STREAM will find its place. Free positioning, easy carrying and simple plugging to any electrical socket – high-quality and innovative lighting now becomes easy.

Forget about the luminaire, discover the effect of light in your space.

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