The stylish eye catching design of the Rondini LED, are reminiscent of a swallowtail. The revolutionary technique of utilizing transparent materials minimizes the visibility of the crystal cantilever which creates an illusion that the light fixture is hovering in the air. The innovation design of integrating the light body into heat sink reduces in the number of parts. Also, the design increases the cooling area and enhances heat convection effect. This achievement of excellent thermal performance contributes to a longer usability lifespan. 1200 lumens of warm inviting brightness are created by the highly efficient 15w COB lighting. The high level color rendering (CRI> 95) ability lightens objects which appear the most realism vivid color. Whether it be a home, restaurant, art gallery, jewel store, or any other place the Rondini LED track lights provides you with stunning natural light that creates a wonderful ambiance. The visual illusion of floating and the high quality light represent Rondini’s perfect balance of design and technology.

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