Cata is a LED projector especially designed for museums, retail and hospitality environments. It is characterized by high energy efficiency, high axial luminous intensities, and closely focused and medium light beams using an innovative beam collimation system. Clear materials combined with reflecting surfaces convey an immaterial feel of the appliance in space. Cata comes in a high colour rendering 25W version and a tunable white version (2700 to 5700K) and can thus reproduce the luminous performance of the best professional halogen sources, both in terms of quality of the generated luminous spectrum (due to the use of high colour rendering LED arrays, with CRI of 90 or higher) and in terms of absence of emissions in the ultraviolet and infrared range.
The product range also includes a number of accessories, such as a profile spot generating beams, profiles for the projection of different geometries, colour filters and for profiles by means of a blade diaphragm. All this is controlled with an innovative cartridge system. Available with track adapter or ceiling mounting. 360° rotation around the vertical axis and 90° around the horizontal axis.

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