Invisible design meets brightness and high light quality: MARS is a stylish linear lighting solution for general lighting, offering minimalist design language with maximum lighting and design effects. The luminaire is available as a surface mounted or pendant version and is equipped with high-quality 65° or 25° reflector optics. The white powdered aluminum profile forms an attractive contrast when combined with the black glare reduction. The optimum black glare control enables a UGR glare rating of UGR < 13 and delivers high-quality and pleasant light. This innovative lighting system delivers up to 140 lm/W with a color rendering of CRI > 85. The MARS is available as constant current (CC) or constant voltage (CV) variant and therefore offers the advantages of both systems. The CC variant is available in standard lengths and convinces with a high efficiency. The CV variant provides greater flexibility through scalable luminaire lengths from 250 mm up to 4,000 mm.

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