Ledzworld’s AR-111 Platinum Ultra Dimmable LED lamp is the first true retrofit sized premium 850 lumen, single light source LED lamp. A lot of track fixtures with integrated LED light engines are bulky, but Ledzworld’s uniquely designed AR-111 LED lamps give fixtures a sophisticated/low profile appearance when installed. The LED lamp is designed to beautifully & efficiently illuminate hotels, lounges, restaurants, museums, & other applications. The design principles for Ledzworld’s LED lamps are as important as the mechanical efficiency. With its technological roots in Holland, the leaves of a tulip were the design inspiration for the company’s lamps. The company’s 3 design principles are: proportion—the design of the lamp needs to be proportionally correct inside standard fixtures; flow—the lines need to be elegant, harmonious and natural; and high quality—the lamps need to be eye-catching & radiate a sense of supreme quality. The AR-111 LED lamp features diamond-cut optics with Ledzworld’s Reduced Glare Optical Technology (RGOT) and Chameleon driver—a technological breakthrough that self-adjusts to make a perfect electrical fit with a variety of transformer & dimmer combinations.

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