The technological innovation of latest generation LEDs has allowed us to develop a line of products with excellent lighting performance in an increasingly compact body. Laser is the first Mini-me collection in the lighting sector: It is an extraordinary solution for both lighting and decorating spaces with discretion and elegance. This includes satisfying all the application requirements of retail, hospitality and residential environments. Laser is an innovative combination of form, colour, dimensions, applications, optics, technology and functionality with one common characteristic: visual well-being (UGR<15). The exclusive Warm Dim version reproduces the dimming effect of a halogen lamp and evokes all the magic of the past when less light meant warmth, softness and silence. The optics, including the Opti Beam, are fixed, adjustable (internally and externally) and wall washer. Laser is a masterpiece of lighting microsurgery that adds value to a unique experience.

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