The semi-recessed luminaire Intara ID combines the low-key look of a recessed luminaire with the flexibility of a surface-mounted spotlight. With its asymmetrical, adjustable luminaire head the design of Intara ID adds an unobtrusive yet recognisable and elegant accent to the look of the ceiling. With the patented swivel-tilt mechanism with minimal gap widths enables the luminaire to be precisely swivelled by 35° and rotated by 355° while retaining the characteristic design features.
The new, innovative and highly efficient LED technology with a hybrid construction ensures that the decisive part of the light reaches the target surface through the 3D silicone lens in a controlled manner via the reflector facets and produces soft, defined light cones.
With 3 power ratings, 6 optics that can be changed without tools and the unique variety of 12 different LED spectrums, Intara ID offers maximum flexibility.

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