Inspired by architecture and engineered for performance, Inbox is an innovative recessed LED luminaire with unique aperture design that challenges the industry standard.

Featuring vertical anidolic optics, it creates a recessed punctuation of the ceiling plane with low glare and great batwing distribution. Its precision-engineered, high transmittance acrylic lenses mix and disperse light, eliminating any visible images of the LED point source. The ultra-minimalist aesthetic has no orientation, allowing it to be used regardless of its position. The smooth gradient of light across the fixture housing, in conjunction with infinite reflection in the corners, adds unprecedented depth and relief to the otherwise monotonous ceiling plane.
Delivering approx. 40 FC in an open office environment with an energy density approaching 0.30 watts per sq. ft., it provides superior energy efficiency and sustainability.

Inbox’s color accuracy is within a two-step MacAdam ellipse, available in multiple correlated color temperatures (CCT) with high CRI values. Offered in various sizes, Inbox can be specified for both grid and drywall ceiling conditions for a wide variety of commercial environments.

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