As LED downlight becomes popular, more and more families and public places use LED downlight for lighting in recent years. In general, the life of normal used downlight is five to six years. Once the light is broken, the whole fixture should be removed and disassembled. The disassembly and installation could be very complicated. EIE-light is a detachable modular LED downlight. It has the lighting source and driver integrated into one module. The module can be combined with different heat sinks and fixtures to form different downlight. It is going to solve lots of problems in the downlight market, such as the whole light becomes unusable once the bulb is broken, the bulb could not be detached from the heat sink, the fixture is hard to install and so on. ELE-light’s new structure and module design separates the heat sink from the lighting fixture. When the fixture is broken, people just need to replace the module rather than remove the whole fixture. The cost can be reduced while the downligt’s performance is improved. This is ELE-light, an energy saving and environment protecting LED downlight.

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