The D900+ LED downlight combines long-life, low-energy LED technology, high-quality light and a customizable fascia system to create a downlight that gives you superior lighting with limitless creative possibilities.

A key problem with long-life LED lighting is that users are stuck with the same style for up to 30 years. The D900+ incorporates a simple twist-on, twist-off fascia system that allows users to change the style, colour and lighting effect created by the downlight, allowing it to evolve with users’ needs and tastes.

Alternatively, users can install the D900+ without a fascia for a completely seamless look.

The D900+ features sealed universal gimballing that improves insulation. It reduces air flow while still allowing the user to change the beam angle of the light 30 degrees in any direction. This, combined with its superb efficiency of 61 lumens per Watt, makes it one of the best energy saving downlights on the market.

The luminaire’s exceptional light quality of 95CRI ensures that colours appear as vibrant as possible, and the premium LED components ensure that the light quality and brightness do not diminish over the product’s 30-year, 70,000-hour lifetime.

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