The Arimo Slim MRX LED sets standards in terms of light quality and design: With Micro Reflector Technology (MRX) the light itself is pleasant and without glare even with high luminous flux packages. The unusual luminaire concept with direct distribution LEDs provides attractive accents in modern work environments. The light is also highly energy-efficient, so that investment costs are amortised in a very short time.
The innovative micro-reflector framed by planar light elements sets accents and emits glare-free light (UGR19 < 1.500cd/m²). This specifically developed technology provides maximum visual comfort even with high luminous flux levels.
With above-average energy efficiency and especially simple mounting, Arimo Slim MRX LED scores points already with purchase and is therefore ideal for new installations and refurbishments.
Simply practical: Four Arimo Slim MRX LED luminaires share one mains connection. This makes installation faster by almost 50%. Wiring included in the scope of supply also saves costs.

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