The SunBell Solar Lamp and Phone charger is a unique multifunctional product. With simple adjustments it can be used as a reading lamp, as a ceiling lamp, as a portable light – and it will also charge your phone with the USB cable. The solar panel has 3 meters of cable rolled up in the disc, so the panel can be in the sun while the lamp is safe inside a tent or backpack. The Lithium battery will charge in 4-6 hours of sunlight. A dimming switch allows to regulate the light for different purposes. From 4,5 hours on full strength to 100 hours on night-mode. The product was developed for the 1,3 billion people who live without electricity in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Today they depend on the costly and toxic kerosene lamp for light. A special version is made for the UNHCR, and is currently in production for more than 100.000 refugees. The versatile design is however also popular among campers and hikers in Scandinavia, USA and Europe. BRIGHT Products have as our company vision “A world where people see new possibilities” and this is embedded both in product design and business- and market development.

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