Focused on improving a time which represents a third of one’s life, the Withings Aura Smart Sleep System positively impacts the wake-up and fall-asleep experience, which are key in improving sleep and overall well-being.

Withings Aura is comprised of a discreet sleep sensor that slips under the mattress and works in synchronization with the bedside device. Using the sleep sensor data, Withings Aura offers scientifically-validated light and sound programs which adapt to the personal body clock and positively impact the sleeping conditions.

The multi-color LED lighting technology makes the most of a proven correlation between lighting wavelengths and secretion of Melatonin, the hormone responsible for the sleep-wake cycle. The delicate sound programs relax you while falling asleep, and stimulate you upon waking up.

With additional options to create personal ambiances for relaxation and powernaps, the Aura is the perfect bedside companion when it comes to sleep.

Incorporating high-quality audio and lighting, the Withings Aura Smart Sleep System not only replaces a lamp, audio speaker and alarm clock, it also brings back the pleasure of sleeping for a better overall wellness.

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