Aluvision’s brand new creation “The Puck orientable” is the result of a strong desire for ecological yet brilliantly designed lighting solutions in the display and exhibition market .

This directable luminaire outshines all other display lights in its state-of-the-art design and top-notch LED-technology.

Seven high performance LEDs house in an ultra-thin Aluminum outer Shell serving both as a contemporary fixture body and as a heat exchanger. An invisible hinge in the shell makes it possible to change the focus of The Puck orientable, thus allowing precise illumination.

The armature is built to be compatible with any smart system. Installing is simple : just plug and play!

The opalescent lense, especially designed for “The Puck orientable”, refracts light in such a way that the entire surface is evenly lit. Choosing either warm or cold white light will let any object stand out even more.

This useful mobile lighting fixture comes in a solid and practical casing.

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