OLED Mood Light Technical information: The Moon, which targets customers who want to create a dignified and sensible indoor space, is a mood light that merges OLED light source and Bluetooth speaker. – As is suggested by the product name, The Moon takes the moon looming on the hill and applies a design that intuitively expresses the motive and performs a modern interpretation on it with concise lines and planes. – The product is developed with OLED as its light source by addressing ergonomic and environmental issues with previous products such as glare and presence of heavy metals and focusing on the design-related superiority delivered from the planar light source. With built-in Bluetooth speaker, the product can sync wired or wirelessly with smartphone, smart home electronics, and audio equipment, thus allowing the user to enjoy music and have a voice call. – As for its technical features, the product can switch ON/OFF and adjust brightness between three levels with its soft touch switch. Using a light source that is closest to natural light, it reduces glare and can protect the eye vision of those who have high intraocular pressure and dry eye syndrome. Furthermore, it is eco-fr

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