SunCentral’s SunBeamer 500 is the world’s first cost effective, web-connected intelligent sun-tracking device. This groundbreaking solution for natural sunlighting delivers full-spectrum sunlight – up to 6,400 lumens – hundreds of feet within previously inaccessible areas of buildings. Using optical components to track the sun autonomously, the SunBeamer 500 produces a stationary collimated beam of light throughout the day. The sunlight from the SunBeamer 500 can then interact with lenses and reflectors distributing the sunlight deep within the core of a building. The SunBeamer 500 provides the beauty and comfort of the outdoors inside using natural sunlight, without the added heat and harmful UV rays.

The SunBeamer 500 can be controlled remotely using the SunBeamer Control Center, an app that allows users to calibrate the SunBeamer from smartphone or tablet devices. The app also provides the ability to control the position of sunlight, allowing occupants to customize the sunlight provided by their SunBeamers.

Given that buildings consume up to 42 percent of all energy worldwide, the SunBeamer 500 helps reduce this massive carbon footprint by cutting energy use and expenses. Su

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