Fluorescent lamp and incandescent were successively banned in EU due to the harm to human during luminescence and low electro-optical conversion efficiency. Modern lamps and lanterns have entered LED era. Simon Electric, founded in 1916 from Barcelona, inherited excellent technology and quality of Simon’s power switches. This mirror front lamp is specially designed for bathroom with LED light, energy-conservation and environment-protection, good leak-proofness and high safety factor.
Styling Features
The integral shape is pithy.According to bathroom’s specific environment for use, simple H-type structure is utilized for watertightness, antifrog and easy purifying. Both of its ends are fixed in the wall. Light is led out via light guide plate and emitted with soft and natural light efficiency.
Functional Features
The product gets rid of traditional lighting system but uses LED technology that has a lifespan 6-10 times of traditional light source, and also uses unique LED beads with high color rendering and 3500K color temperature based on the features of mirror front lamp. The image in front and inside mirror are reflected truly and naturally due to high color reproduction.

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