It is a portable COB light source working light, easy to carry. It can be used in a variety of occasions, such as power cut emergency, maintenance, vehicle-mounted. The COB has the advantage of high light efficiency, uniform luminance, non-diffracting spot, healthy and Eco-friendly. There is a bar magnet on the back, which can be adsorbed on the metal surface. Delicate appearance, comfortable hand feeling, easy to operate, 250lux >0.5m, High brightness light source can work continuously for 10 hours, What’s more, Dust , corrosion and seismic design can resist all kinds of harsh environment. Low cost, functional and practical, the maximum working time can last for 10 hours, there is a single long-term high-quality LED on the top, and a bar cob light source on the side. Which can emit the brightness five times the ordinary LED lamp, 5000~10000’s long service life .It uses full clasp design without any screw, It is simple to assemble and produce. Also reduce the cost of production. The button is injected with the two molding process, Good waterproof and comfortable hand feeling. It can quickly switch the light source switch anywhere. The compact size is suitable for narrow space.

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