There are many situations which require the surroundings to be lit as effectively as possible. In the case of police searches, for example, night has got to be as light as day so that they do not miss the smallest detail in their search for clues. N8LED is a well thought-out lighting concept designed for use in a number of similar situations offering 360-degree flood-lighting. The light intensity provided by cutting-edge LED technology is combined with an innovative, plate-shaped design. This plate shape makes it possible to unite several light sources to form one ball of light, which is what gives this flood-lighting its powerful radiance. The N8LED nonetheless exhibits an impressive formal coherence, by harmoniously linking the black light elements that are reminiscent of a timber-framed construction. The power of N8LED is combined with a functionality that can be developed depending on the situation. This flood-lighting can be assembled and taken apart intuitively without any tools and transported easily in an ergonomically designed bag, which is quick and simple to use. This is an innovative design concept for the effective use of LED technology in large spaces that has resulted in a product with a completely new design language. N8LED will quickly gain converts thanks to its easy handling and functionality.

Perfect composition

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