The Mini USB Headlight boasts an outstanding 290-lumen output at its size with Li-polymer rechargeable battery. The high-power LED is well protected from heat accumulation with the internal aluminium heat sink. The electronic switch offers convenient operation with one-click activation and hold for brightness dimming. The dimming control function extends the run time to 15 hours. It is clever enough to memorize and resumes the previous output level when it is turned on again. Long pressing the switch button when OFF activates the safety keylock to avoid accidental battery loss. The 3-step Green/Amber/Red battery indicator shows various battery level to signal for recharging. The micro USB charge port provides convenient power resume in 2 hours. Rechargeable with one glance Red/Green charging indicator. The featherweight Mini USB Headlight let users to enjoy ultimate freedom. It is perfect for running and outdoor uses. Compatible with specially designed Clip accessory, it can be used as a clip light to be attached to cap, pocket and others for different purpose.

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