LumiPlus Design LED lighting range have been developed under the premises of creating an innovative design, high-quality and sustainable solution for underwater swimming-pool lightings. LumiPlus design is available in 2 finishes: Pure White & Inox Effect, and in white and RGB lighting.

Innovative design. Less diameter than standard lighting products, New finishes with IMD (InMold) technology increase its resistance thanks the new materials used – plastic sheet with stainless steel appearance. Technology widely used in car interiors.

High-quality: Lumiplus Design improves light and optical performance optimizes installations due to a new position of the LEDs, guaranteeing maximum lighting inside the pool, and preventing light loss towards the outside. LumiPlus Design useful life is 100 times higher than traditional halogen lighting.

Sustainability: LumiPlus Design allows saving up to 85% of energy consumption. White lighting: Luminous flux of 4320lm, but only 45W of energy consumption. RGB lighting: Luminous flux of 2544lm, but only 40W of energy consumption.

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