A ceiling hook designed specifically for drop pendant lights (or hang lamps), the Little Bishop positions and holds light fittings in saintly style. Skilfully shaped and cast by hand, the lighting cable is guided to “cloak” the Little Bishop with no knot, and a seamless hang from the ceiling makes it genuinely unique in form and function. The Little Bishop is a two piece product consisting of a post and a hook. A custom screw fitting joins the two parts together and allows for the hook section to be repositioned relative to the direction of the cable coming from the ceiling rose. There are three lengths of post section available – small, medium and large – 45mm, 80mm, and 120mm respectively. Currently available only in white, the finish is a durable, bright white undercoat that gives the customer the option of painting it to match the space, or leaving as is. The Little Bishop is now made in small batches and currently sells to a worldwide market from it’s own online store as well as selected, specialist lighting accessory retailers in the EU, the US and Japan.

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