During the development of the PL150 LED Workstation Illumination System, TSL ESCHA engineers took a novel direction and seized the challenges of objective and subjective lighting design. The PL150 work space light was designed in close collaboration with assembly line staff to define new degrees of freedom in illumination systems.

The PL150 is energy-efficient, and it features personalized light intensity regulation and light color definition as well as adjustable angle of inclination. It offers ergonomic illumination of workstations and work desks, providing a full range of benefits for the company and employees. The sleek aluminum design and high-quality synthetic parts bridge functional industrial standards and appealing office design. In spite of its high luminosity, the constant distribution of light reduces light density and produces a glare-free light.

The innovative prism technology avoids multiple shadows, an exceptional advantage during meticulous tasks. It has been proven that good lighting improves performance. Thus, the PL150 is the optimal light for workspaces as it satisfies both practical and personal requirements.

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