Incoming daylight with an aesthetically and architecturally appealing design is coming true by the round version of the LAMILUX CI System Glass Element F100 – the daylight element to meet high design requirements in office and administration as well as exclusive residential buildings. In developing this special design, a descriptive square was chosen for the profile cross-section, which creates a basic impression of stability and balance. In order to convey a calm and protective impression, the ring-shaped upper boundary surface was designed to lie horizontally in the alignment direction of the glazing. For the profile to make a powerful design statement, the side boundary flank was designed to stand upright over the entire profile height. The single-axis curvature of the profile creates an overall powerful surface design. The powerful vertical lines and the serene, horizontal interface are bound together by a distinctive, biaxially curved arch to form a harmonious whole. The bend radius selected for the profiles are directly related to the radii of the clear roof opening and increase by a factor of 0.05 in each case.

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