Hook is the first ecological and solidary lamp on the market.
Ecological since it’s manufactured with recycled plastic and toxic-free materials. Moreover, it is a design that helps others: each light fixture sold will feed one child for an entire school year thanks to a collaboration with the NGO Mary’s Meals. HOOK is a portable lamp with a hook. It’s free, it needs no installation. You can move it anywhere you would like given that it comes with a 5-meter cable so it can follow you to wherever you need it without having to worry about wall outlets. If, on the contrary, what you need is to have it near you, its geometry allows for a perfect roll-up of the cable so that it does not become a mess and using it feels comfortable and nice.
Regarding functionality, it is a lamp and several lamps at the same time: it can work as a table lamp, as a ceiling lamp, as a wall lamp and even as a lantern. Its portability is helped by its size, which is completely adapted to the hand of the user, its long cable and its hook. It can be placed on any surface; it is designed to work perfectly on a bar, a shelf or a flat surface. This is a lamp made 100% in Spain.

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